3-Year-Old Tuesday/Thursday Half Day

Intoduces children to a school setting with group activities.  Foundational reading and phonics skills are taught while maintaining a fun atmosphere to promote a positive attitude toward school for future years.  This is a morning class from 7:55 to 10:55am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4-Year-Old Monday-Friday Full Day

A Kindergarten readiness program focusing on all the skills these children need for their next big step.  Letter sounds and sight words, motor skills, language development, math, socialization, and work habits are all part of the program.  Students also attend classes in gym, music, art and technology and receive an introduction to Spanish.  This class is Monday through Friday from 7:55am to 2:00pm.

Summer Scholars

Our Summer Scholars Pre-K program is a full day continuation of our current Pre-K program for all public and parochial students entering Pre-K 4 or Kindergarten.  We have fun theme weeks which combine academic activities and summer fun.