Fundraising is important at St. Mary’s Academy as with any school. It is necessary to bridge the gap between tuition and the cost of educating our students. We have many easy options for our friends and families to help in this effort.

24th Annual SMA Golf Tournament

24th Annual St. Mary’s Academy Golf Classic
1:00pm ShotGUN
Sunday September 23, 2018
Timber Banks Golf Club

Click here to print order form for raffle tickets and return to the school office by Friday, September 22.


Please refer to the golf tournament website at BIRDEASEPRO.COM/SMA to register and donate or contact Tessa Heyer ( or 716-863-4047).

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Queen of Hearts Raffle:

Queen of Hearts Raffle

The Queen has been found.  Thank you for playing in support of our school.  Look for more information soon about the start of our next raffle.

If the Queen of Hearts is found, winner receives 60% of the pool.

The Queen of Hearts is in one of these numbered envelopes.  Which number is it?  Write your guess on your ticket.  One ticket will be picked every Friday at 7pm until the Queen of Hearts is found.

If your ticket is picked, you win:

  • 60% of the Grand Prize Pool if you find the Queen of Hearts
  • $8 if you find a 2,3,4 or 5
  • $12 if you find a 6,7,8, or 9
  • $16 if you find a 10, Jack, or King
  • $20 if you find an Ace
  • $30 if you find a Joker
  • $40 if you find the Queen of Spades, Diamonds, or Clubs

If the Queen of Hearts is not found, the Grand Prize Pool carries on to the next week.  Tickets are discarded after every drawing.  You must buy a new ticket every week to be entered for the Friday drawing.  Must be 18 to enter.  Need NOT be present to win.

 Updated game board is pictured below. See official rules here.  Scroll down for frequently asked questions about the game.


Frequently Asked Questions

Review of the game:

The board has 54 playing cards (including 2 jokers) in concealed numbered envelopes. Tickets are sold for $2 throughout the week. From those tickets, one is picked on Friday night at 7pm. The envelope number listed on that ticket is opened. If the card inside that envelope is the Queen of Hearts, the owner of that ticket wins 60% of the Grand Prize Pool. All other cards earn payouts as listed on your ticket (from $8-$40). If the Queen is not found, the game continues. All tickets are discarded after each drawing and the Grand Prize Pool continues to grow. All sales from the tickets go directly to the Grand Prize Pool.

What happens if someone else picks the same numbered envelope?

There is only one ticket picked per week from the tickets sold that week. The envelope listed on the winning ticket will be the one opened that week.  Only the owner of the ticket picked will receive a prize that week.

How do I win the big prize?

Two things have to happen to win the grand prize:
1.) Your ticket has to be the one picked on Friday night.
2.) You have to guess the envelope with the Queen of Hearts.

If I buy multiple tickets, do I have to choose different numbers?

No. You can put the same number on multiple tickets, or you can guess different numbers. Remember, only one ticket will be picked. There is also no limit on the number of tickets you can buy.

What if my ticket is picked but I don’t find the Queen of Hearts?

All cards have a prize! If your ticket is picked, you will receive a payout. Payout amounts are listed on your ticket (from $8-$40).

What happens when the Queen of Hearts is found?

The winner receives 60% of the Grand Prize Pool (up to a maximum payout of $30,000) and the game is over. Until then, the Pool keeps growing and the odds get better since there are fewer envelopes to choose from.

Do I have to be present to win?

NO. We will call you if your ticket is picked. There is no reduction in the payout if you are not present.

Where do the proceeds go?

Remaining proceeds after all payouts will support St. Mary’s Academy.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available at the school and parish offices. The Parish office hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm, Friday 9am-12pm.  Tickets are also sold after most masses on the weekend.

Who can buy a ticket?

Anyone 18 years of age or older who is not involved in the operation of the game.



Target’s Take Charge of Education:


How many of us visit Target on a regular basis? Did you know that you can use any one of the Target RedCards, which include Target Visa, Target Credit or Check card and Target gives back 1% of all purchases made at Target to St. Mary’s Academy? To apply for a card or to register your existing card, please visit school code is 11683.

Price Chopper Tools for Schools:

Do you shop at Price Chopper and have an Advantage Card? St. Mary’s can earn points and get much needed equipment for free when you register and use your card. To register your existing card, please visit To apply for a new Advantage Card, visit the Price Chopper office located in the front of the store on Rt. 31. Our school code is 16472.

Box Tops for Education:

Did you know that St. Mary’s Academy has earned over $1,000 in previous years simply by saving box tops? This program requires that you clip Box Tops off participating products and send them to school with your child. You can also join Box Tops for Education online, St. Mary’s receives additional cash – and you can obtain coupons and other valuable information. Please join today by visiting the website at


Benefit Pays with Purpose.

Benefit is the mobile payments app that funds the things that matter most through everyday transactions. Use the Benefit app to check out at the register in-store or on the checkout page online. Paying with Benefit is faster, safer, and more rewardingthan traditional payment methods. Each purchase earns between 2% – 20% of the transaction total that is sent to the cause of your choosing.

Visit our Benefit page to sign up.

Scrip Cards:

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Taste of St. Mary's

St. Mary’s Academy Apparel:

Our newest program offers a great way to show your school spirit! St. Mary’s Academy has partnered with Seaboard Graphics to provide an assortment of St. Mary’s Apparel for purchase. Adult or Child sized clothing and accessories are offered. Please contact the school office for ordering.

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