Grade 2

1. What do you teach at St. Mary’s Academy?

“I teach second grade.”

2. What do you love about St. Mary’s Academy?

“One of the things I love most about St. Mary’s is that the small class sizes allow for me to get to know each of my students very well and form positive connections with them. The family involvement at St. Mary’s is unique and helps to create a welcoming community.”

3. Why do you like teaching at St. Mary’s Academy? What motivated you to become a teacher at St. Mary’s Academy?

“I enjoy teaching at St. Mary’s because there is a great amount of family involvement, which I feel benefits the students and creates a uniquely inviting and caring community. The faculty at St. Mary’s is also extremely considerate and helpful, which makes working here an enjoyable experience.”
“I attended Catholic School as a child and grew to really value and appreciate not only the education that I received, but the lessons I learned and values I gained. When I decided that I wanted to teach, I knew I wanted the opportunity to share with students the values and virtues that are included in Catholic Education.”

4. What is a unique experience, talent, or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?

“I want my students to not only excel academically, but to also excel in the personal/social aspects of their lives. I try to teach my students each day the importance of being a good friend to others and working together to be successful. I try to give my students as many opportunities as possible to work together in order to develop strong social skills and create a caring and welcoming community within our classroom.”

5. What sets St. Mary’s Academy students apart from students in other schools?

“The students at St. Mary’s academy companionate and driven. They not only strive to great students, but to be positive members of the community.”

6.What do you want your students to gain from having known you?

“I want my students to be proud of who they are and to know that it is important for them to always be themselves, be kind and considerate of others, and try their absolute best.”

7. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself? Perhaps a fun fact?

“I love sports. I try to attend as many local sporting events as I can and participate in sports myself. I love staying active with my dog.”

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