Alumni News

Congratulations to our alumni who achieved honors and high honors at CBA.

High Honors

Ryan O’Connor (12th)

Joseph Marsallo (11th)

Jonathan Duteau (10th)

Anthony Marsallo (10th)

Patrick Schmitt (10th)

Michael Berger (9th)

Kate Janczyk (9th)

Matthew Marsallo (9th)

Casey Burke (8th)

Liam Rose (8th)

Michael Wolniak (8th)

Jackie Duteau (7th)

Ayden Hikcey (7th)

Nickolas Janczyk (7th)

John Massaro (7th)

Isabella Murabito (7th)

Mary Nolan (7th)



Jonathan Lester (12th)

Andrea Piston (12th)

Abigail Benware (11th)

Robert Ian Henderson (11th)

Ethan Hunt (11th)

Amanda Nedell (10th)

Justin O’Connor (10th)

Emilee Edick (9th)

Daniel Thorpe (9th)

Eleanor Black (8th)

Abigail Bogaczyk (7th)


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