It’s hard to describe the sense of community found at St. Mary’s Academy. Along with our current students, parents, and faculty, our alumni are a dynamic part of this school community. Not only do they continue to support St. Mary’s through participation in events or fundraising, they are real-world examples of how St. Mary’s values of faith, community, and respect can help shape both personal and professional lives. What’s more, a special bond exists among St. Mary’s Academy graduates, which cements friendships, furthers careers, and builds a legacy for future generations.

Our Alumni base contains over 900 people that stay connected to St. Mary’s Academy and classmates by:

  • Attending events planned throughout the year
  • Volunteering time or expertise\
  • Gifting to St. Mary’s Academy
  • Sharing their St. Mary’s journey with others

To learn more about becoming part of our Alumni Community or updating us on your journey, please contact the school. We’d love to hear from you!

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